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Aircraft and Commercial Hardware

Aircraft and Commercial Hardware from our surplus inventory. Certs are not available for any items. The buyer is responsible for determining the airworthiness of all items. We do not assume any liability other than the purchase price, nor do we warrant any specific item suitable for any particular application.

The items in this section are from our vast surplus inventory of more than 21 million pieces. Once an item is depleted, it will not be replenished.

The quantity of each item available in stock is listed in the item's description. Our surplus inventory is unsorted and we are unable to search our offline inventory for a specific item per request by NAS, MS, or AN part number. If you need a specific item not listed online, please contact us via email only, indicating the physical description of the item needed. At this time, we are not buying from outside suppliers.

New items are added in this section as we get them sorted and catalogued. Please use the search box at the top of the page to find a particular NAS,MS, or AN part number. If you don't find it by part number, try searching for it by dimensions, material, or some other specific keyword(s).

If you are a frequent buyer of aircraft hardware, please be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as our inventory includes many hard-to-find and rare specialty items.

• Bolts
• Nuts
• Washers
• Screws
• Rivets
• Rings
Items from all categories made of Stainless Steel
Items from all categories made of Aluminum
Items from all categories made of Nylon
Items from all categories made of Brass
Items from all categories made of Copper