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85 lbs Pro Style Dumbbells

85 lbs Pro Style Dumbbells
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Product Description

85 lb Pro Style Dumbbell (sold individually). Choose between Gray or Black weight plates at no additional charge. Upgrade the handle style from straight (standard) to contoured (extra charge). Or add your choice of either black or chrome end cap plates (extra charge). End cap plates are popular because they allow the end bolts to be installed flush with the outer surface unlike the standard retaining washers that stick out a bit and tend to brush up against the body during certain dumbbell exercises. End cap plates also give your dumbbell set a smart finished appearance. Each end cap plate has an indented area where you may apply number decals to label the poundage. This indented area is below flush level and helps keep decals out of harm's way. (Poundage decals are sold separately in our decals section )

Watch the awesome Daryl Jones do standing arm curls with 85 lb pro style dumbbells!