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Selectorized Weight Stack Plate - 5 lbs - Choose 3/4" or 1" Guide Rod Holes

Selectorized Weight Stack Plate - 5 lbs - Choose 3/4" or 1" Guide Rod Bushings
Selectorized Weight Stack Plate - 5 lbs - Choose 3/4" or 1" Guide Rod Bushings
Item# AFA-403
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Product Description

These 5 lb cast steel weight stack plates have nylon bushings pressed into each guide rod hole bore to reduce friction and noise.

Weight: 5 lbs Nominal (Actual weight is approx. 5.15 lbs)

Each plate measures 1" Thick x 2.75" Wide x 8-3/4" Long

Each plate accepts a 3/8" Diameter weight stack pin.

Select either 3/4" or 1" guide rod holes (Same price)

All 6 sides of the plate are surface machined flat at close tolerances so they stack evenly on top of each other without unsightly gaps or misalignment. These are not your normal run-of-the-mill cast iron weight stack plates typically found on low-end exercise equipment. Unlike cast steel, cast iron weight stack plates shatter easily and vary wildly in weight accuracy.

Each plate is powder coated with a durable textured black finish.

Designed for use with your choice of 3/4" or 1" diameter guide rods. (Guide rod holes are spaced 5" apart on-center)

You can modify an existing weight stack by replacing existing 10 lb weight plates with these 5 lb plates to create a "pyramid" weight stack configuration - whereby the plate poundages increase from top to bottom of the weight stack. For Example, 5 lbs for the top 10 plates, 10 lbs for the remaining plates.

Order as many component parts as needed to build your own weight stack from scratch. All components of our weight stack systems are completely interchangeable and can be mixed and matched at will, as long as all guide rod hole diameters are the same for any given configuration.

To build up a complete weight stack: simply order your choice of 1 of 6 different center shaft lengths, a top plate and weight plates (with desired matching guide rod hole diameters), and you are ready to plug-and-play.

(number decals set, guide rods, weight stack springs/bumpers, and pins sold separately).