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Weight Lifting Power Chains - 15 lbs Each - (1 Pair)

Weight Lifting Power Chains -  15 lbs Each - (1 Pair)
Weight Lifting Power Chains - 15 lbs Each - (1 Pair)
Item# WLC-30-weight-lifting-power-chains-15-lbs-each
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Product Description

Sold by the pair only - these weight lifting power chains weigh 15 lbs each (30 lbs per pair) and feature heavy duty collars that attach to Olympic bar with T-handle screws. Each chain is approximately 5 feet long and will not tangle during exercise.

Choose between Black bare chain (included in price)


Rust proof zinc plated chain (at extra cost)

The purpose of using these chains is to add progressive resistance to the force-angle curve of an exercise motion. Muscles are naturally stronger as they contract, thus their natural progress force-angle curve. With heavy chains attached to an Olympic bar during exercise, more of the chain is laying on the floor at the beginning of the exercise, with progressively more chain being lifted as the exercise motion reaches the end range. This is how progressive resistance is added where it did not exist at all without the use of chains.

Chain sizing:

Use 15 lb chains in addition to 0 - 200 lbs lifted. Use 22 lb chains in addition to 200 - 400 lbs lifted. Use 30 lb chains in addition to 400 - 500 lbs lifted.

Collars have a T-handle screw to tighten down on any 2" diameter Olympic bar. Warning: Do not use on anything but Olympic bars. If a chain moves off one side of the bar during heavy lifting, injury may occur by throwing the user off balance.

These chains are not intended to carry a load other than their own weight. They are not to be used to add free weights or other objects to increase the weight over and above the weight of the chain itself - this includes the use of these chains to pull an object.