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Tricep Press Down Bicep Curl Machine - Plate Loaded

Tricep Press Down Bicep Curl Machine -  Plate Loaded
Tricep Press Down Bicep Curl Machine - Plate Loaded
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Product Description

Tricep Press Down Bicep Curl Machine - Plate Loaded. This is probably the best value in plate loading machines we've offered so far. For the money, you will receive a well-made unit with one moving part that rides on pillow block ball bearings. Ball bearings are something you would expect on a unit costing 5-6 times more than what we are offering this machine for. And unlike bushings, ball bearings will last you a lifetime of heavy use. Being a multi-purpose machine, you can perform tricep press downs (dips), arm curls, French curls, Shrugs, and more.

The rubberized main pivot grip provides the ability to vary the mechanical advantage by placing the hands closer to (or away from) the main pivot point (fulcrum). This can be done while performing a single set to make it a "super set". (eg. start heavy by gripping close to the fulcrum, then as the set progresses, move hands away from the fulcrum to lessen the resistance - without the need to stop and add/remove plates.)

A great way to do a burn off at the end of a tricep workout!


  • Two machines for the price and space of one!

  • Very small foot print to conserve space in your home or office

  • 300 lb. maximum plate load capacity - enough for any serious trainer

  • Develop thick upper arms & anterior deltoids with regular training

  • Comes with a rubber-gripped curling bar, extension chain, safety snap link hooks, and dual plate load sleeves

  • Extra long rubberized grip bar allows different grip configurations for multiple angles of attack to target different areas of the triceps

  • Also ships with a a clip-on diamond tread plate foot platform for stabilization (this is not pictured in our photo above)

  • Main pivot rides on whisper smooth 3/4" I.D. pillow block ball bearings - NOT bushings that will wear (and get loose) over time.

  • Main framework fabricated from 2" x 2" square tubing and finished in a durable white powder coat finish

  • Adjustable seat height for proper range-of-motion set up for variable user sizes

  • Seat adjustment is spring loaded pin actuated with extra turn knob to lock seat in place so it won't rattle while in use

  • Thick padding for maximum comfort

  • Padding color: Black

  • Accepts either 2" inside diameter Olympic plates or 1" inside diameter standard plates

  • Assembly will be required by the customer

  • Shipping Weight: 95 lbs

  • Ships UPS Ground. However, UPS adds a surcharge because it ships in an oversize package weighing more than 70 lbs

  • Plates are not included.

  • See diagram below for footprint & overall dimensions

  • PLEASE NOTE: Our photo shows a white frame with black pivot bar. Our current stock has all white frame work with white pivot bar.

  • Incredible value for the price!