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Olympic Farmers Walk Handles - All Chrome (sold as a pair)

Olympic Farmers Walk Handles - All Chrome (sold as a pair)
Item# FW-2X60C-olympic-farmers-walk-handles--all-chrome-sold-as-a-pair
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Product Description

Our farmers walk handles are oversized dumbbell handles. Load up olympic plates at each end like you would a barbell, only with a lower center of gravity. The purpose is to see how far you can walk with a given weight. You may have seen this type of competition on World's Strongest Man events. This is a fantastic exercise for developing forearm strength for a super strong grip. These are also used to develop the trap muscles by doing shoulder shrugs. The handles are knurled 30 mm diameter. The olympic-sized sleeves are 12 inches long. Each bar weighs 24 LBS and is 5 feet long. Bars are all chrome with included chrome collars. Sold only as a pair. Weight plates and collars not included.