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1/4" Miniature Pop Pins

1/4" Miniature Pop Pins
1/4" Miniature Pop Pins
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Product Description

1/4" Miniature Pop Pins these work well in tight quarters, or applications where there is minimal weight bearing on the adjustment mechanism.


  • A miniature version of our 3/8" and 1/2" spring-loaded pop pins

  • All metal parts are chrome plated

  • Unlike our larger pop pins, mini pop pins do not have a removable screw cap and thus, cannot be disassembled once they are welded in place

  • Ball knob diameter: 1" (can be substituted for any knob your choice with 1/4-20 female thread)

  • Pop Pin Body dimensions: 5.50" OD x .800" Long

  • Engagement Pin is .240" in diameter so it fits a standard 1/4" hole

  • Pin penetrates .225" deep into the work surface that the pop pin is welded to

  • Once installed, pop pin protrudes a total of 1.950" from work surface

  • Pop pin can be masked off just above the weld for paint or powder coating since all parts (including internal parts) are chrome plated for rust protection

  • Pin and body have a close tolerance to prevent loose (rattling) adjustment mechanisms

  • We have thousands in stock, discounts are available for the manufacturer buying in bulk!

  • The world's smallest pop pins!