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Foam Roller - Black - 12" Long x 4" O.D. x 2" I.D.

Foam Roller  -  Black - 12" Long  x 4" O.D. x  2"  I.D.
Foam Roller - Black - 12" Long x 4" O.D. x 2" I.D.
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Product Description

Foam rollers are black and made of closed-cell foam rubber and will not absorb fluids. Installs over 2" x 2" square tubing with a liberal amount of rubbing alcohol applied as a lubricant.

Nominal Dimensions: - 12" Long x 4" O.D. x 2" I.D. The outside diameter (O.D.), inside diameter (I.D.), and length may vary slightly. . We call it "nominal" because that means: "in name only". The actual size of the foam rollers are never exact in every dimension. However, the foam material is spongy and therefore it will stretch to conform to a round bar or square tube.

If stretching is required, it is highly recommended that a generous amount rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) be used as a lubricant to assist the installation process. The alcohol will quickly evaporate once the foam roller is in place in its permanent location. You can't use too much alcohol as it won't harm finishes or the foam rollers. It always fully evaporates without leaving a residue. We do not recommend lubricants such as WD-40 or similar as it won't evaporate and will leave a greasy residue.

While the actual foam rollers you receive will vary somewhat from nominal dimensions, we do our best to match up the foam rollers in your order so that visually they appear to be the same dimensions.