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Dumbbell End Cap Plate - Chrome

Dumbbell End Cap Plate -  Chrome
Item# AFK-207
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Product Description

Dumbbell End Cap Plate Chrome. These end cap plates have a recessed area that is perfect for applying our Gold plated oval decals out of harm's way. Our black end caps have a smaller recessed area that will not accept our Gold Plated oval decals. If you want to use our gold plated oval decals to label the poundage of your dumbbells, you MUST buy this chrome-plated end cap.

Each plate weighs 1.25 lbs so a pair of these will add 2.5 lbs to the actual weight of your dumbbell. The overall diameter is 4-5/8" (4.625") and .325" Thick. The center bolt hole is .717" I.D.