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Body Solid GSCL360 Squat Calf Raise Machine

Body Solid GSCL360 Squat Calf Raise Machine
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Product Description

The Body Solid GSCL360 Plate-loaded Squat/Calf Raise Machine was designed to take the effort out of balancing a barbell during squats or calf exercises. Perfect for training alone when there isn't a spotter available. This unit accepts ONLY olympic plates, so there is no need to purchase an olympic plate adapter, as with some of our other plate-loaded machines. Squats and calf raises can be done safely with 800 lbs or more! Olympic plates sold separately.

Your choice of footing during squats: the foot platform angled at 20 degrees, or the level platform , both with non-slip surfaces. For calf raises, use the round calf block with non-slip surface, which is much easier on the feet than a square block with sharp corners that dig into the feet.

In-home lifetime warranty by Body Solid

Dimensions: 62”Long x 43”Wide x 56”High