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How to Properly Measure Your Waist Size for a Weight Lifting Belt:

Weight lifting belts are worn well above the hip bones, near the navel. However, pants belts are worn across the hips. Most customers are inclined to select their pants belt size when ordering a weight lifting belt. This usually results in ordering the wrong size belt because a person's hip size is oftentimes much different from their waist size as measured near the navel. Women tend to have a LARGER hip size then their waste size. Men, especially older men, tend to have a LARGER waist size than their hip size, etc....

For a weight lifting belt, the waist should be measured while standing upright using a measuring tape, about 4" above the hip bones (near the navel AKA "belly button"), as shown in the photo below:

Do not take a deep breath or "suck in" the gut. Take the measurement while completely relaxed. The measuring tape should barely make contact with the waist, and not pulled tight at all - not even slightly. This is the "waist size" measurement you should select when ordering. We will ship a belt that provides extra holes to pull it tight for heavy lifting, as well as extra holes to wear it looser around the waist. That's it. Pretty simple.

By following the above instructions and selecting your waist size accordingly, the hassle and expense of exchanging a wrong-sized belt can be avoided. If questions persist, let us know. We are happy to help.